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Updated Website, Whitepaper, and Roadmap

As we've been announcing these days on Telegram, we are pleased to inform you that the Conan Token project has been modified to give it more consistency and solidity for the future.

The mission will remain the same: to spread and defend the ideas of freedom. However, instead of leaving it on an abstract level, we decided to shape it, create a concrete roadmap and action plan towards this goal, with the aim of strengthening the Token's liquidity in the process.



The purpose of Conan Token $vllc is to spread and defend the ideas of freedom on social media, making Libertarian ideology known and engaging in the cultural battle for it.


It's a comprehensive multimedia project that will adopt the best format for each platform. On Telegram, Conan is a Memecoin; on X, he's a Troll; on Instagram, he'll be a Comic; on the internet, a Wikipedia; and on YouTube and TikTok, a Vtuber.

Economic Cycle

In each platform, the accounts will be monetized, channeling profits to the Conan Token $vllc liquidity pool on Uniswap, thus seeking to strengthen its liquidity.


Conan Token transforms into a multimedia project, adopting the best format for each particular network:

Conan Token $vllc

The Memecoin Conan Token $vllc is the core of our ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token that encourages healthy and widespread use, as well as the decentralization of the project. Its primary point of contact is Telegram.

Conan Troll - The Libertarian Troll on X(Twitter)

This is a libertarian activist who fights for and spreads the ideas of freedom.

Conan Cap - The comic on Instagram

It's a comic about Conan and his adventures as a superhero living with his family, consisting of a human father and his four puppy siblings. The comic develops adventures related to liberalism and its archenemies from the socialist band.

Libertarian Wikipedia

The "Libertarian Wikipedia" will be a platform aimed at promoting and disseminating libertarian political philosophy, as well as its fundamental values, prominent thinkers in this field, relevant discussions, and significant contributions to libertarian thought. This resource aims to provide an inclusive and accessible space where users can explore and understand the diversity of perspectives within the libertarian movement, as well as deepen their understanding of the principles and key concepts that underpin this political ideology.

Conan Tuber - The Vtuber on YouTube and TicToc

It will be the animated character of Conan as a Vtuber, hosting live streams and reacting to stories and news from different networks, mainly related to libertarianism.

Conan Creator – NFT

Conan Creator is an NFT marketplace where users can stake (lock) $vllc in exchange for NFT rewards created by artists participating in community contests. Artists receive prizes from the $vllc fund.

Charity Campaigns

Remaining true to the libertarian political philosophy in all its currents, the community, once established, will promote charitable fundraising campaigns, which will include support for food programs, educational institutions, and international aid organizations.


Conan Fan - Merchandising

Conan Fan is a merchandise store operated by a non-profit organization without owners or shareholders. It allows $vllc holders to proudly display their support for Conan Token $vllc in the real world. All proceeds go towards the growth, maintenance, and future features of the Conan Token $vllc project.

Currently, Conan Troll on X is in full growth, already exceeding 3000 followers and millions of weekly impressions.

Soon, the development of characters for Conan Cap - The comic on Instagram will begin.

Don't miss out on updates, join the community on Telegram!


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