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The Rebirth of Freedom

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Libertarianism in Argentina

In a few days, in a forgotten country of the world, in a society impoverished and corrupted in its ethical and moral values, an election will take place that could alter its destiny of eternal crisis and decline.

We are talking about Argentina, a country that, despite its gloomy evolution in recent decades, was and continues to be the birthplace of athletes, intellectuals, and religious figures of global influence. How is it that such a promising land, once a magnet for immigrants from around the world, now finds itself in poverty, forcing its people to emigrate to other countries?

Some attribute the responsibility to socialism, while others blame conservatism. This endless debate, marked by simplistic explanations, reflects the complexity of a situation that, until today, no one has managed to fully comprehend.

The truth is that on Sunday, November 19, 2023, in this forgotten and overlooked country, beloved and scorned by some and unknown to many others, the world's first libertarian government may emerge.

Libertarianism in other countries only becomes a third force, has not yet succeeded in prevailing, and is unknown to the vast majority of societies. It is not widely known, for example, that at its core, it is neither right nor left, a staunch advocate of sexual freedom, against the criminalization of drug consumption, imposed religious practices, or mandatory military service. On the other hand, it staunchly defends private property and market capitalism.

How is it gaining strength in Argentina? Primarily through its media-exposed candidate, Javier Milei, globally known for the interview with Tucker Carlson that currently holds the record as the most-viewed on Twitter, with over 420 million views. In 2021, Milei founded the political party "La Libertad Avanza" (LLA), making its debut in legislative elections and quickly establishing itself as the third political force.

Without a significant political machinery or major campaign investments, it caught the attention of millions of young people who began to gather on social media, initially as an act of rebellion against the established socialist status quo, and later embracing libertarian ideas. Without losing that conquering spirit, that desire to change the world, and without fear, because in reality, young people have little to lose, they convinced their peers, their parents, and fought against the resistance they inevitably encountered.

Argentina, a country primarily governed by socialism for almost a century, could be the first to adopt libertarianism, not in its purest form, but in the midst of consensus with socialists and conservatives. Its flag will be libertarian, its ideology will be libertarian.

There are several uncertainties we face today. Can this society, with 40% poverty and the third-highest inflation in the world, embrace this change? Will these changes prevail and bring progress and prosperity?

Can all of this initiate a new process of emancipation there and in the rest of the world?

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