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Elon Musk's reactions to Javier Milei on X

Meeting between Elon Musk and Javier Milei at the Tesla factory, April 12, 2024.

Elon Musk has not publicly declared his political stance, although some of his posts on X allow us to infer his preference for libertarianism. For example, by quoting Friedrich Hayek as "The greatest economist of all time" (with a picture of the model Salma Hayek), he has always been careful before taking a decisive stance to avoid affecting the interests of his companies around the world.

One of Elon Musk's first posts related to Javier Milei was on September 17, 2023, where he references the most-watched political interview in Twitter history between Milei and Tucker Carlson, reaching 428 million views.

Shortly after, on November 19, 2023, he responds to a user's notice that Milei was elected as president of Argentina with the phrase: "Prosperity is ahead for Argentina."

On November 24 of that same year, he responds to another post mentioning Milei and the upcoming measures, still cautious about achieving results.

It seems that he occasionally watches Milei's videos; 11 days later, he shares a video of an interview where Milei says, "John Stuart Mill himself pointed out that a society that emphasizes equality so much ultimately becomes a society of looters and collapses."

Days before the end of the year, he reacts with a "Wow" to the list of measures implemented by the new president in just 18 days in office.

Regarding Javier Milei's speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, a great speech by the way, where he explains why the West is in danger, Musk responds to Joe Lonsdale by nodding in agreement.

Elon is so impressed with Milei's speech in Davos that he shares this meme.

Finally, on April 12, the long-awaited meeting of these two world personalities takes place at the Tesla factory in Texas. The Argentine ambassador to the United States described it as "Love at first sight."

In relation to this same meeting, Elon quotes a post from Milei exclaiming "Freedom!" (Libertad!)

A week ago, Elon responds again, surprised by another achievement of Javier Milei's government, a surplus for the first time in 16 years in Argentina.

In conclusion, we suspect that Elon may have some sympathy for libertarianism, but as his companies are linked to different governments and political agendas worldwide, we understand that he is not in a position to take a stance without harming their interests.

What we are convinced of, however, is that he really likes Javier Milei and that it is highly likely that the relationship between them will continue to strengthen in the future.

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