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Do you think that in the future humanity will be free?

The Statue of Liberty sitting on the moon.
Do you think that in the future humanity will be free?

Many authors of novels, movies, and series, in some of their works like "1984", "Brave New World", "The Handmaid's Tale", "Fahrenheit 451", "Brazil", "V for Vendetta", "Matrix", "Children of Men", "Altered Carbon", "Foundation" and many more, don't envision it that way. Is this to add drama to the story, out of hidden fear, or do we genuinely believe that there won't be a place for freedom in the future?

The truth is, the future is often shaped by our imagination, we all know that many works of science fiction have led to scientific and technological breakthroughs and pushed humanity to explore the unknown. So, are we creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of a future without freedom? Is it really so?

We shouldn't forget that many other works do depict futures with free societies. But the reality is that when someone is about to tell you a science fiction story, if you say, "Stop! Don't tell me more, humanity lives in a monarchy or a totalitarian world!" - you're probably guessing correctly.

Is it that certain, then? Are we doomed to a future without freedom? Or is it simply that the narrative, in the realm of imagination, drives us toward drama and resistance, engaging us more deeply in the story?

Considering this, do you believe that @elonmusk's Mars will be free?

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