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Conan Token is undergoing a swap from ETH to Solana

Updated: Jul 1

Due to the decreasing number of memecoin communities on ETH and the majority being on Solana, Conan is also migrating to Solana.

Conan Token swaps to Solana

On Solana, the costs of buying, selling, and transferring tokens are much lower, allowing you to manage them more efficiently. Additionally, the Phantom wallet is very intuitive and allows you to perform all transactions from one place.

The new CA is: 4f6fv538wBhQeaughKeAZMkYVUoh6f74EXkQpJ9rWmK4. We will be launching the LP on on 07/15/2024, at which point you will be able to trade your tokens again. The new ticker on Solana will be: $CONAN.

If you purchased Conan on ETH before 07/01/2024, you can request to receive the equivalent amount on Solana.

On Solana, the supply is 1MM compared to 18.51MM on ETH, so the calculation will be divided by 18.51. For example, if you have 1,000,000 $vllc on ETH, you will receive 54,024 $CONAN (new ticker) on Solana.

To proceed, we will need:

1- Authorized email.

2- The address(es) where you hold your $vllc (ETH)

3- The Solana address(es) where you want to receive the new $CONAN.

We will respond to your email with a unique address for you to send your $vllc. Once transferred, you can send us the transaction ID (TX) or simply notify us, and we will transfer the new $CONAN tokens to you.

Starting from 07/15/2024, we will launch the new LP on, and you will be able to buy and sell the new $CONAN without restrictions. Note: Once the new LP on Solana is opened and fixed, it will no longer be possible to exchange the tokens.

Write to us at or complete the form in the top menu that says Swap to Solana. Thank you!


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