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Bitcoin in Argentina!

Bitcoin in Argentina

Argentina explores collaboration with El Salvador to promote Bitcoin adoption ₿.

A recent meeting was held with the National Commission of Digital Assets (CNAD) of El Salvador at the National Securities Commission (CNV) of Argentina.

Roberto E. Silva and Patricia Boedo, president and vice-president of the National Securities Commission (CNV) of Argentina, met with Juan Carlos Reyes, president of the National Commission of Digital Assets (CNAD) of El Salvador. During the meeting, they discussed El Salvador's experience as the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. The conversation included an exchange of ideas about the growth of cryptocurrency use in general and specific details of the Salvadoran case.

In 2021, El Salvador became a pioneer by incorporating Bitcoin alongside the dollar as an official currency. Dr. Silva highlighted El Salvador's leadership position in the use of Bitcoin and other crypto assets, as well as the importance of CNAD. Silva expressed interest in strengthening ties with El Salvador and exploring the possibility of signing collaboration agreements. Dr. Boedo, who recently visited El Salvador, emphasized the significance of Salvadoran experience in crypto assets and the need to strengthen ties between the two countries.

Juan Carlos Reyes, president of CNAD, appreciated the Argentine initiative and highlighted the intention to work efficiently with the industry and create appropriate regulation. He valued the connection between CNV and CNAD, recognizing El Salvador's innovation and experience in supervising digital assets. CNAD regulates all digital assets and financial instruments in El Salvador, with the Financial Superintendency and the Central Reserve Bank also supervising Bitcoin as an official currency.

Will BTC in Argentina be added to the list of accepted currencies in the future?

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